Peter Franc (b. 1981, Australia) is a designer and photographer exploring the marks we (as humans) leave on the world and our relationship with the earth. He aims to heighten appreciation of our planet by creating connections between far-away places and presenting them in simple, geometrically considered compositions.

Peter’s work has been shown internationally across Europe and Australia, with selected works published by Phaidon Press, Smithsonian Magazine and UNESCO. Recently Peter and his wife travelled overland between London and Sydney, a one-year journey which instilled an understanding of how cultural borders are formed by the natural landscape of the earth.

A sense of distance is persistent in Peter's work. By removing himself from every-day life, he gravitates toward desolate locations where vastness and nature reign supreme.

“People may try to change the planet, but all the while the planet will be changing them too. A sense of place, an aesthetics of landscape, all those things change with time. You know the people who first saw the Grand Canyon thought it was ugly as hell because it wasn’t like the Alps. It took them a long time to see it’s beauty.” - Kim Stanley Robinson.

He is currently living and working in Sydney, Australia, while still on the perpetual search for the perfect Short Black (no sugar). Some things never change.